Early daze

Early daze.

Since getting back to the US, I have been working 6AM-3PM.  While there are some great advantages to this schedule – less traffic in the afternoon, being able to get to 4:30 yoga class or dog park early, having more afternoon before settling into dinner time/TV routine), leaving when it’s SOOO dark isn’t always fun.

On most Tuesdays and Fridays, I work from home so the commute is pretty easy:  bed, bathroom, over to the desk.  I can do it in 3 minutes.  On these days, I can look out the windows onto our front lawn, see our nice plants, watch the grass grow, watch the squirrels bury nuts in my bedding plants, and my husband even put another hook for suet for the birds so that I could be entertained during the day.  I love these days.  I even actually work when working from home.

And then there’s today.  I got to my desk at 6AM – right on time – fired up the computer, and looked out the windows.  The only thing I saw was my reflection in the glass.  It’s DARK out there.  Gone are the days that I can see the world waking up.  Now, I’m up and at work before nature stirs.  While it’s great to see the sun rise – I face the east – I don’t like the days getting shorter.

Short days mean winter is coming, and I’m not quite prepared for that yet.  However, as I have discovered, the world works in mysterious ways.  And while the approaching winter isn’t mysterious, it is going to happen whether I’m prepared for it or not – sometimes the world just doesn’t listen to my requests to hold off for a while.   So today I’ll say good bye to my summer clothes for another year, replace my bright orange with deep rusty shades, get out my good hair styling products and hats, dust off my coats, and embrace it with as much good grace as I can muster.

This could be the coffee talking since it’s not yet 7:30.


September 4 – random musings

Random musings…

This was written September 4, and I forgot to publish it.

I’m in the middle of my 3rd week back to work after 6 months working in London and 2 weeks of holidays/vacation.

In the 6 ½ months I was in London/Greece:

I only heard Taylor Swift once.  Now when I turn on the radio, it’s like trying avoiding potholes when driving – I just have to hit one every now and then.  Unfortunately.

I didn’t go to a shopping mall the whole time I was there.  Since coming back, I’ve been at least 5 times.  It’s right around the corner from work, and I didn’t do much shopping while I was gone, and I need to stock up on a few things…  all decent excuses.

I didn’t drive.  It was nice, mostly.  Grocery shopping was about the only time I really wanted a car.  Now I’m back to the car for quick trips to our local stores.  Maybe I need a bicycle – that’s faster at least.


Oh! What a wonderful place for us.  It was just magical.  After the 2nd day, I stopped wearing most makeup – just mascara and lipstick.  My skin loved having that break.  I would get up, wash my face, slather on sunscreen and call it good.  Mentally it was fantastic, too.  I felt free, young, relaxed and healthy.

We ate Greek salad every day while we were in Athens.  Sometimes more than once per day.  What a great way to live – fresh veggies, great meat, fantastic feta cheese and light white wine.

When I look at the pics I took of Rhodes, I am instantly calmed.  I try to not be melancholy, knowing that I’m back to my “old” (work-business-get stuff done) self.  I wish I had that relaxed attitude and feeling all the time.  Unfortunately, it’s not practical to be quite that relaxed.  That equates to unproductive for me.


Brief update


the link above will take you to my London Adventures blog.  That was then.  Here’s what’s new:

We’re home.  Actually, we’ve been back since August 16.

Home:  We’re back in Portland, Oregon (USA, in case you’re not familiar), in the wonderful Pacific Northwest (PNW), in our little Orange Cottage in Foster Powell neighborhood, with our wonderful bouncy 60 lb lap dog, Daphne.  We took a holiday to Greece for 2 weeks, then back home and hit the ground running.  Okay… First week or so, we crawled a lot – time zone change, etc.

We got home on a Saturday night and I started work on Monday morning.  No rest for the wicked!

We’re back into a groove now and looking for new adventures now that “THE PARTY” is done.  More on that another day.